Amazonite Pendulum on 18K Plated Gold

Amazonite Pendulum on 18K Plated Gold

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POUND Jewelry was founded by mother and daughter(s) team Linda, Becca, and Mia Kannapell with the mission to summon forth their own hearts and the hearts of their wearers through the art of adornment. Inspired by the weight of natural stones and the definition of the word POUND “to beat or throb with force or vigor, as the heart,” POUND creates jewelry that resonates with the individual and collective heartbeat.  Carefully selecting stones and crystals based upon their healing properties, as well as their unique aesthetic and beauty, every POUND piece provides healing energy and guidance, often serving as a physical reminder of profound transformations in the life of the wearer and the creators alike.

Amazonite is known as the "Stone of Truth" and the "Stone of Courage." It is a very soothing and calming stone, reminiscent of it's gentle turquoise colors. It's energy is as bold and powerful as the Amazon River. This stone empowers us to search for our deepest truths in much the same vein as Qoya does. Amazonite urges us to move through our lives while keeping a close connection to our truths without fear of judgment from loved ones and the people in our lives. It opens the heart and throat chakras, allowing and encouraging us to communicate with love. Straight from the heart.

Every POUND pendulum stone is unique and varies slightly in color, shape, texture, and size. They are also fragile, as they are crystals and can chip, crack, or break if not handled with care. Please be gentle and loving with your stone!

18K Gold Plated 28” chain

This pendulum gives strength to speak one’s truth with love.