About Us


You want to know where your products are coming from,
feel connected to the land they were sourced from,
and know that they give life back to the people who made them.

You want to fill your home with things that
ground you in the sacred and reinforce your values.

Now those items are a few clicks away.

Ethically made with love for the land and people who created them.
Sourced for you with love by intentional people who chose them.
Supportive of you, the inspired soul who will use them to engage your senses.

Lifestyle of Reverence is a collection of products curated as a tenant of Qoya, a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Just as movement helps ground us in truth, these products anchor us in love. Love for yourself by honoring your body with products that resonate with the truth of who you are and love for the other embodied souls sharing this world with you.

In curating this line, our intention was to source products with a great deal of integrity and quality. We found brands whose production is truly environmentally kind and sustainable. We found companies who honor their employees and value fair workplace practices, many of them creating jobs in economically unstable areas of the world. Many of the products are made by craftsmen, designers, and creators oftentimes by hand, such as our handpainted kimonos and handwoven scarves. We believe in the power of energetic exchange, and have poured intention into every stage of curation, production, and distribution, so that you will receive every bit of energy and intention put into them.

Whether you are a student or teacher of Qoya or have never taken a class before, these products are here to support the life of reverence you have already chosen as a soul embodied here on earth at this time. They offer you the opportunity to celebrate conscious creation, sustainable practices & sourcing, dying art forms, and international craft and design.

Allow these products to inspire reverence in your daily life through beauty
and a feeling of interconnectedness with the people whose love was poured into them.


rochelle schieckRochelle Schieck, Founder of Qoya and Lifestyle of Reverence, believes in living a lifestyle of reverence. After traveling the world as a student and teacher, she became inspired to share the people, products, and purpose she encountered along the way. Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember how to embody our essence that is wise wild and free. After initiating thousands of people into Qoya (training hundreds of teachers, leading dozens of retreats and writing a book), she was inspired to further support those on their journey to remember by creating Lifestyle of Reverence. Qoya’s product line Lifestyle of Reverence is based on the knowledge that through objects, we can anchor the sacred essence of love into the world. We can infuse meaning into the things we interact with on a daily basis as a touchstone for truth and a beacon of light. It has  been said that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” We can no longer wait for someone else to create a world that resonates with our heart, but must listen to the call within to create it ourselves. For Rochelle, Qoya and Lifestyle of Reverence are an offering to those who remember. Rochelle is honored to dance alongside all those who are called to join the Qoya tribe in hopes that we can all live a lifestyle of reverence together.

kari woldumKari Woldum, Curator for Lifestyle of Reverence, believes in the sacred power of that which we surround ourselves with in the material world. A lover of beautiful things, spaces, people, and places, Kari curated Lifestyle of Reverence with the belief that our outside world mirrors our consciousness within. She is a champion of the designers and craftsman behind our products and finds that their creative expression inspires her own. She has traveled the world with Qoya to find inspiring things that are infused with the spirit of the people she dances with and the places she journeys to. For her, travel is a celebration of the shared sense of beauty that transcends geography, language, age and time. As a Qoya practitioner and teacher, Kari knows the feeling of bliss and connection in her body when she dances and hopes to help others express that bliss, in their inner and outer worlds. She approached Lifestyle of Reverence as a project that celebrates our shared divinity as women and her wish is that we all know the beauty surrounding us reflects the beauty within.

Emily Bohannon, Design & Branding, is a playwright and screenwriter who uses her visual creativity and storytelling skill to help small businesses owned by women tell their stories. She designs by the principles in Danielle LaPorte's book, The Desire Map, blending a business owner's values with the way a customer wishes to feel, following that feeling to create an emotionally compelling visual and written narrative both online and in print. She proudly designed the Qoya book, as well as qoya.love, and has been attending Qoya retreats and classes since Rochelle started teaching her very first classes back in 2008. You can find her at La Libre.

cheri schieckCheri Schieck, Distributor of Love, is founder Rochelle Scheick’s mom and also the heart behind distribution for Lifestyle of Reverence. Cheri had her first experience with Qoya on a retreat in Costa Rica in the spring of 2015. After dancing with her daughter and remembering her essence, so much has opened up for her. Like most people who are initiated into something that stirs their soul, she had a calling to get more involved. Cheri asked if there was any way she could help on the same day it was on Rochelle’s to-do list to find someone who would be willing to do distribution for Qoya. The one caveat was that the person has to send the packages with love. Cheri, when time permits, has even been known to go beyond sending packages with love, by adding a love note signed Mama Qoya. She wishes for you what she wishes for herself, to live a life that is wise, wild and free and to feel all of our hearts grow more than ever before.